Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reason #214 I Like Being A Parent

This morning, my children made me laugh so hard I cried. Or maybe I was crying for a different reason.

You decide. I'm tired of making the decisions around here.

Tank and Sunshine rose early this morning. Like, before the sun.. which is really stinking early because we just had that stupid time change. The first words out of their mouths... "Can we play Wii?"

My boys have a serious love affair with the Wii. I wanted the Wii for me, not for them. I knew they could play it too (unlike the PS3 and those nasty bloody-gory-kill-all games) so it was perfect! I could even work out with the Wii, and that was Bond's main motivation for getting it for me. It's a "work-out" system. Half the games we own are for work-out purposes. I haven't worked out with the Wii in three months.

Mario dominates these days. Mario, Luigi and my boys.

So this morning started like most mornings have started since Christmas, "Mom can we play the Wii?"

And like most mornings since Christmas, I rolled over this morning and said, "No. Just watch cartoons."

About an hour later (?) I woke up to a new argument between Tank and Sunshine.

Sunshine: "I'm going to play Ice Age."
Tank: "I don't wan nu pway Icshe Agshe. I wan nu pway Marwio!"

That went on for a moment and eventually turned into this...

Sunshine: "If we don't play Ice Age.. then we're going to bleed and die and go to Heaven!" (I don't know where he gets this stuff...)
Tank: "No!"

And this...

Sunshine: "These are your choices: You can watch a movie. Or you can watch me play Wii."
Tank: "No! I wan nu pway Marwio!"
Sunshine: "That wasn't one of your choices!"

And this...

Sunshine: "If we don't play Ice Age.. then.. then.. you're not going to play at all!"
Tank: (PUNCH) "YOU don't get to pway!"

Bond and I could hear every single word and instead of interrupting their escalating fight.. we laughed. We laughed SO hard! And we laughed even harder when they got into a Yes-No argument that played out so fast it could duel the Dueling Banjos routine.

Yes-No-Yes-No-YesNoYesNoYesNOOOOYesNOOOOO!YES!(PUNCH)(Sunshine screams) ... you get the picture. Hilarity in it's rawest form.

We've decided that Sunshine is the crooked politician. Like... where the heck was he coming up with these ridiculously outlandish threats? And did you like the choices he offered? "Here are your choices.. either I win, or I win." Not to mention.. they were arguing about which game they were going to play when, according to Mom, they weren't going to be playing ANY games. Just like the politician to base his argument off of something completely false, unfounded, and/or non-existent.

Tank is the enforcer. He didn't like it, so he fought back. !(PUNCH)! "YOU don't get to pway!" So there! Hahaha!

We also decided that Tank is going to be okay. I mean.. he was keeping up with Sunshine's lack of logic pretty well for someone 2 years his junior, which you'd think would be a huge disadvantage at this point! I mean, gee wiz. He's two! And he totally got that Sunshine was being completely unfair. Sunshine at that age was very gullible. "Okay," he would've said. Nope, not Tank. "Wrong!" (KA-POW!)

Please don't take this post the wrong way. We eventually jumped into the parent role. The kids did get in trouble.. Sunshine for lying, Tank for hitting, and both for screaming and crying. We just decided to let things play out first. We deserve to be entertained once in a while, right?

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