Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Zoo's Gone Wild! ...oh wait.

I took the kids to the zoo a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be warm. The high was supposed to be about 50 degrees. Woo! I think it might have been almost 40, because we went in the morning and it was gusty windy. Oh well.


I took the kids to the zoo a few weeks ago. I think the animals were all going wild... I mean, crazy. There was a peacock that was blocking the exit from the ape house. Kinda freaky, really.

There were like, 15 giraffes all jammed in together near the fence, begging for crackers. Usually, the giraffes are a little more timid. They might take your thirty-three cent cracker. They might take the one from the guy next to you. Depends on how they're feeling that day. But THIS day, they were begging.

"Plllease plllease give me that cracker!" That's what they would say if they had voice boxes and could make noise.

Sunshine went to feed a baby giraffe. He and the baby giraffe were at eye level with one another. A taller giraffe had other plans, and wanted that cracker. His head was hanging right over Sunshine's head. I said "Hey, Sunshine, look up!"

So he did.

And he got licked.

On the cheek.

And in the ear.

It was funny.

For me.

Sunshine thought it was gross and asked for sanitizer.

If the giraffes had even the hope that we had a cracker, they would let us pet them. Very unusual.

And then, back at the ape house -- I know, I'm really linear today -- the apes were going wild crazy too. I think they were bored.

One of them reminded me of Al from Married With Children. He was scratching himself.

And then, this happened.

The staring. It seemed like all the apes were staring at us. It was like WE were on display. Totally freaky.

And oh, my, gosh... the frogs. There were like, gabillions of them. My camera phone doesn't like to focus where I want it to. So this is the coolest shot I got of a bull frog staring at us.

I know, right?

Coolest thing ever.

So, between the freaked out animals and the freezing cold wind, I decided it was time to go home, and we did.

But it sure was a wild crazy day at the zoo!!

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