Monday, March 22, 2010

So Long, Gummy Smile - Part 1

Ah... Newbie's first tooth.

It has come too soon. Both Sunshine and Tank waited until their 7th month of life to start with the teeth.

But not Newbie. My sweet Princess of Drool cut her first tooth last Thursday morning. I had seen it coming, so I took some gorgeous gummy smile pictures, knowing that I would miss it dearly.

See? No teeth, yet.

But... she does look a little worried...

Hm.. must be she tried to do her own taxes.


Olivia said...

she does look worried! So cute, though! Those are fantastic pictures!

LilBit said...

Thanks Olivia! I'm a total wannabe in the professional picture-taking community. But it's fun anyway! And Newbie is still a willing subject, even though she doesn't know it. A friend from high school gave me the taxes joke. Hah!