Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dirty Car


Is Optimus Prime.

(Insert Big Exciting Music Clip here.)

What? I let the kids name the car. Big deal.

(Music putters out.)

Sunshine has a friend, we'll call him Titan. We met Titan and his mommy over the summer when I was buying cloth diapers in preparation for Newbie. While I never did get into the cloth diaper thing once Newbie got here, Titan's mommy and I have become good friends. That friendship must be why God got me interested in cloth diapers. We lived within pregnant-lady walking distance from each other for over a year before we connected!!

ANYWAY. (Hey, I'm allowed to digress on the blog!)

Sunshine and Titan are buddies and are in the same pre-school class too! So we carpool.

Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have Titan in my car he makes a comment on how dirty it is. Usually he'll say something like, "You need to take your car to the car wash. It's muddy. Hey! There's one! Can we go to the car wash?" Today he looked around and said, "Wow, your car is a mess!"

Titan is five. This completely explains the brutal honesty. (Well.. someone needed to have the guts to tell me! Poor dirty car!)

So.. kids have it backwards, I think. They lie when you want them to tell the truth... (Yeah.. sure you ate your mashed potatoes.. that's why they're dripping off the ceiling.. right?) and they tell the truth when you want them to lie.

Who needs a clean car anyway? Sorry Optimus.. you're destined to be dirty.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious - I didn't know Titan was so in tune with car needs. I think Titan just wants to go through the car wash. If you need Titan to come wash your car for you I can send him over. Love ya friend!