Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Mess

Tons of fun.

Tons of love.

Tons of laughs.

And tons of sugar on my stove top.  Holy sweet mess, Batman!

Moments before this unfortunate event, Tons - my baby sister -  and I were wiping up a smaller spill from the stove top.. maybe 1/4 cup.. and discussing how it's actually kind of hard to get sugar off of a stove top like mine because of the lip-edge that comes up over the ceramic.  I ran upstairs to put Newbie down to bed.  When I came down Tons had her head in her hands and was moaning.  I kinda thought she was going to puke all over herself when I noticed a mountain of sugar on my stove.

Why is there so much sugar on my stove?  Did she dump the whole thing out trying to sweeten her tea?

"I totally melted your sugar container," Tons confessed.

Why did she do that?

"I didn't know the burner was hot."

"You mean.. the burner from which I just took a boiling kettle of water to pour into your tea cup?  That burner?  You didn't know it was hot?"

"No! I was distracted... by the previous spilling of sugar."

"You mean.. when you poured sugar into your tea and missed?"

"That's SO not what happened!  I didn't miss!  The big pour spout wasn't closed all the way!"  There was a brief pause here..  "Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry."

So then, naturally, I grabbed my camera.  Notice the "hot surface" light is on.  Notice the spiky plastic melt at the edge of the bottom of the container.  Notice the I'm-About-To-Cry look on my sister's face.  I couldn't let her cry.  It was too awesome!  And I'd finally have something to blog about.

Not that there isn't plenty going on.  I'll save that for a future blog, lest it take away from the hilarity of my sister.

She is the baby of my 5 half-sisters.  She's been staying with us for the last 3 weeks, and leaves for home on Saturday.  I have cherished each moment she has spent with us this summer.  I even had the privilege of singing a special with her at church. (Apparently, she was so nervous that she looked like she was going to puke all over herself on stage.  Wouldn't that be embarrassing? And what's with all the sickness?  The world may never know.)