Thursday, August 4, 2011

Excuses, excuses... and photo bribery.

Dear 9 Faithful Followers.. and possible friends and family members who do not "officially" follow.. but really do follow.. but in the "unofficial" sense of the word.. and random people who happen to stumble here,

Please forgive me for the hiatus...

I have been avoiding you (well.. the writing of the blog would be more accurate).
And I've been busy.

But I have returned to share the news that my family is going to expand even more.. as we are expecting baby number four!!  And to our HUGE delight and relief.. it's another girl!!!  And even MORE relief... Bond has already chosen her name.. and I have agreed and LOVE it... and so we won't have another baby coming home unnamed like we did with Newbie.

So there you go.  I'm knocked up again.  It's a girl.  And I've spent the last several months working on "The Great Purge."  I even started another blog journaling the process of minimizing in this culture.  We are slowly seeing the positive results of having less stuff.  But it's definitely a long and difficult process.

So.. since it's been SO long.. I will show you something cute:

Tank was testing out his new sleeping bag about a week before our big camping trip at Blue Mesa.  I have lots of pictures to share from that trip.

Here's a little preview:


Newbie likes sugar.  Newbie likes saltines.  She's not sure which one she wants first.. so she double-fists it.


Newbie's first day on the boat at Blue Mesa.  Her one and only smiley picture of any of the boat pics.  Moments after this was taken... Bond flew by us on the wave-runner, creating a tidal wave that soaked everyone and everything on the boat.  He was not well-liked by the family after that.. and several attempts were made on his life.


Tank's last day on the boat.  He refused to leave the boat to do fun things like riding the wave-runner with his daddy or the tube.  More to follow on that story later.


My brave Sunshine.


My not-so-brave Sunshine.

Ahh... what a great trip.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!!!

Happy August.. and maybe I'll get back to you by ... oh.... October.