Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Premature Buyer's Remorse

"Premature Buyer's Remorse." Did you know that existed? It does. I've had it. Very recently, in fact.

Before I went grocery shopping last night, I hit up Joann's to find some fabric to make a DIY Moby. I hardly looked at the fabric. I got caught up in the flowers. Those cute flower headbands at the store cost like $5 or $6 and that's just dumb. I see those and think, "I can make those way cheaper." And now that I have a girl, I really want to play with that stuff! Flowers and butterflies and pink and purple.. and cute little bows and barrettes. The barrettes have to wait a little longer.. Newbie needs hair first.. so I'm left with headbands. ANYWAY.
I stopped and stared at the daisies.. (as opposed to smelling the fake roses). I picked up several colors.. a couple different pinks and yellows.. reds and oranges.. even a blue one. And then I needed several colors of buttons of course, and those tiny beads so you couldn't see the ugly thread I would use to sew the buttons on with.. and then I needed a container to put the beads in....

Suddenly I had a whole cart-full of stuff to make flower headbands and barrettes with. I figured I'd just give the extras to my nieces and friends with little girls.. or trendy friends who can totally get away with putting flowers in their hair.

I got to the check-out and there was a line. I didn't make it very far into the line before getting a sinking feeling in my chest. I looked down at my collection of craft-able items and pouted.. knowing full well that I should not buy them. It took me an hour to hoard these things off the shelves.. to pick the best one of each item. Most things were even on sale.. 50% off or whatever. But I couldn't do it, and I spent the next 15 minutes redistributing my flower-making ingredients back to their rightful places in the store.

I don't have time to do this, I thought.
I still have bow-making stuff sitting in my basement, I remembered.
Bond would kill me, I acknowledged.

I still stand fake-flower free.

And then today I went shopping while the boys were at school. First I went to Mardel's. I'd spent so much time in Joann's last night, that by the time I made it to Mardel's they had closed. I looked at all kinds of homeschooling things, lots and lots of books to review over the summer and really solidify their pre-math and pre-reading skills before we leap into it in the fall. Of course they had a ton of clearance things... I did pick up some $5 Veggie Tales movies for Tank and Sunshine's birthdays.. Tank's is next week. And I found a good Preschool Bible book to do with the kids over the summer to help get me into a nice homeschooling habit. But I stayed away from the music CD's, the new bibles, the very tempting "Jesus Loves Me" baby clothes. I did good.

Old Navy was just down the strip from Mardel's. I'd picked out 3 $10 outfits for Newbie before putting them back and walking out. I sent some time in Hobby Lobby as well this morning, drooling over the fabric and wishing they had some headband ribbon so I could have an excuse to go get some flowers....

I hit the mall next - I know.. did a ton of shopping in one day - and I wanted to see Gymboree. I love their stuff, but decided almost instantly that it was way too expensive. I'll have to wait for those things to go on clearance!

I love shopping, especially without the boys. But it seems like every time I'm about to buy something I have remorse and put it back. It's a depressing feeling, and it's probably the reason I don't have any new clothes that keep up with today's styles.


That's my excuse for dressing like a slob.

I get premature buyer's remorse.


I wonder if there's a cure for that?

Who knew it was so easy?

Do you remember Joey from Blossom?

The high-pitched-for-a-boy "Whoa!" expression made itself present in my home this morning via Sunshine.

Tank went downstairs first. I heard him get excited about something and then call upstairs for Sunshine in his cute almost-three-year-old voice, "You gotta come down here!"

So Sunshine busted it downstairs...

"Look at THIS! Donuts!" Tank cried.
"Whoa!" said Sunshine.
"And look! Cap'n Cwunch!"
"And we got Tiger Cereal too!" (That's our way of saying Frosted Flakes.)
"Whoa! And look! Little foods for Newbie too! This is gonna be so cool!"
I heard Tank climb onto my stool - yes I have a footstool in my kitchen. I'm short fun-sized. Be nice! - and gasp, "Bananas!"
"Look! It's our favoritests!" yelled Tank. I'm not sure what he was talking about.. what item was his "favoritests," but something dawned on me through my giggles.

I need to go grocery shopping more often.

These guys were more excited that there was breakfast food in the house than they were when they saw new presents under the tree Christmas morning. (And they hadn't even seen the yogurt in the fridge, or the chicken in the freezer!)

They actually came upstairs to tell me there was food in the kitchen. Like.. no, I couldn't possibly have gone grocery shopping when the babysitter was there last night. Who knows what I was doing, but everyone knows I don't go grocery shopping. Ever.

As I was pouring cereal for Sunshine he reminded me that we didn't have any milk. "You can have milk if you want it honey."

"We have MILK TOO?! Wow Mom!" He ran and hugged me. "Thank you so much!"

I wanted to cry for a few different reasons. One) That is too cute. I'm raising kids who know how to be thankful. Two) My kids are apparently going so hungry and are so used to there not being food in the house that it's a novelty and a reason to party like it's 1999. Three) Sunshine was standing on my toe.

Haha. I used to think only the Wii could make my kids happy. But I was wrong. They're going to grow up to be real men, because even at this young age they're demonstrating that food is the way to win a man's heart.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Writer's Block

I had all kinds of interesting things to write about a few weeks ago. But then I got busy.. and as I try to remember those really interesting things.. they don't seem as interesting anymore. Alas.. time has dulled them.

For example.. a few weeks ago Bond took me on a frightening motorcycle ride. I was seriously afraid for my life. The next day my entire body was sore because I was squeezing him so tight. I think Bond only suffered a few cracked ribs from my death grip.
He took us on the interstate on the way home from our movie ... at 11pm ... and it was. so. dark. As we sped home through the black, lines and lines of blog went through my head. I knew exactly what to write. Clearly, my sub-conscious knew I would survive the excursion, even if my consciousness was sure it would be the last night of my life. Or maybe thinking of blog lines was easier than thinking about my death.
So anyway.. I had a whole blog written up in my head. But I got busy and time erased it.

It doesn't help when babies get sick either. Newbie.. did you know her hair stands up in a Mohawk after a swim? I kind of want to call her Moe now ..has been sick the last week. She hasn't been her smiley self and I hardly have time to go potty, much less pound out a decent write-up of some weird event in our lives.

Do you like my lame excuses for not blogging?

For a family update:
Sunshine is excited about homeschooling this fall. Much of my time recently has been spent hashing over curriculum. I'm not sure how some of these blogging homeschooling moms do it!
Tank is still potty training. 'Nuff said.
Newbie is getting well and has begun to push a second tooth through. The next installment of So Long Gummy Smile should be coming up soon... and soon may be next year. For the record... Because anytime I say "tomorrow" it ends up being another month or more before I write anything at all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're Back Online!

Oh I have so missed writing here over the last few days...

My computer died.

Well, actually.. the batter died like, a year and a half ago... and a few days ago the power cord finally broke.

So I was going to get a new power cord for like, $9 from Amazon.. but after reading all the reviews, and calling a techie place here in town.. I decided to just order one from HP. It only cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born child...

I really do miss Sunshine...

And typing is really slow...

And you know.. walking... isn't going so great these days.

But hey! I've got my computer up and running again. So hurray for that.

It's kind of sad, what I realized during my forced computer vacation. When I'm out there in the real world.. like, living my regular daily life.. I'm thinking about how I can blog about it.
My death-defying ride on Bond's motorcycle for instance.. (the blog will be posted at a later date.. either later tonight or tomorrow or something) .. the whole time I kept running different lines through my head. (Clearly, my subconscious had the intention of surviving the adventure, whilst the rest of my mind was certain it was the last night of my life.)
And then there's the decision to homeschool the kids.. yeah, once that was finally made I wondered how I'd write about it.. what angle I'd take.. etc, etc.
I think Bond might think this is unhealthy. Maybe it's a new beginning.
Like.. putting my thoughts into words.. maybe it'll help me think before I speak.
Mmh.. we'll see.


I wonder what I'd be doing these days if the internet had never been invented??