Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're Back Online!

Oh I have so missed writing here over the last few days...

My computer died.

Well, actually.. the batter died like, a year and a half ago... and a few days ago the power cord finally broke.

So I was going to get a new power cord for like, $9 from Amazon.. but after reading all the reviews, and calling a techie place here in town.. I decided to just order one from HP. It only cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born child...

I really do miss Sunshine...

And typing is really slow...

And you know.. walking... isn't going so great these days.

But hey! I've got my computer up and running again. So hurray for that.

It's kind of sad, what I realized during my forced computer vacation. When I'm out there in the real world.. like, living my regular daily life.. I'm thinking about how I can blog about it.
My death-defying ride on Bond's motorcycle for instance.. (the blog will be posted at a later date.. either later tonight or tomorrow or something) .. the whole time I kept running different lines through my head. (Clearly, my subconscious had the intention of surviving the adventure, whilst the rest of my mind was certain it was the last night of my life.)
And then there's the decision to homeschool the kids.. yeah, once that was finally made I wondered how I'd write about it.. what angle I'd take.. etc, etc.
I think Bond might think this is unhealthy. Maybe it's a new beginning.
Like.. putting my thoughts into words.. maybe it'll help me think before I speak.
Mmh.. we'll see.


I wonder what I'd be doing these days if the internet had never been invented??

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