Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who knew it was so easy?

Do you remember Joey from Blossom?

The high-pitched-for-a-boy "Whoa!" expression made itself present in my home this morning via Sunshine.

Tank went downstairs first. I heard him get excited about something and then call upstairs for Sunshine in his cute almost-three-year-old voice, "You gotta come down here!"

So Sunshine busted it downstairs...

"Look at THIS! Donuts!" Tank cried.
"Whoa!" said Sunshine.
"And look! Cap'n Cwunch!"
"And we got Tiger Cereal too!" (That's our way of saying Frosted Flakes.)
"Whoa! And look! Little foods for Newbie too! This is gonna be so cool!"
I heard Tank climb onto my stool - yes I have a footstool in my kitchen. I'm short fun-sized. Be nice! - and gasp, "Bananas!"
"Look! It's our favoritests!" yelled Tank. I'm not sure what he was talking about.. what item was his "favoritests," but something dawned on me through my giggles.

I need to go grocery shopping more often.

These guys were more excited that there was breakfast food in the house than they were when they saw new presents under the tree Christmas morning. (And they hadn't even seen the yogurt in the fridge, or the chicken in the freezer!)

They actually came upstairs to tell me there was food in the kitchen. Like.. no, I couldn't possibly have gone grocery shopping when the babysitter was there last night. Who knows what I was doing, but everyone knows I don't go grocery shopping. Ever.

As I was pouring cereal for Sunshine he reminded me that we didn't have any milk. "You can have milk if you want it honey."

"We have MILK TOO?! Wow Mom!" He ran and hugged me. "Thank you so much!"

I wanted to cry for a few different reasons. One) That is too cute. I'm raising kids who know how to be thankful. Two) My kids are apparently going so hungry and are so used to there not being food in the house that it's a novelty and a reason to party like it's 1999. Three) Sunshine was standing on my toe.

Haha. I used to think only the Wii could make my kids happy. But I was wrong. They're going to grow up to be real men, because even at this young age they're demonstrating that food is the way to win a man's heart.

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