Monday, April 19, 2010

Writer's Block

I had all kinds of interesting things to write about a few weeks ago. But then I got busy.. and as I try to remember those really interesting things.. they don't seem as interesting anymore. Alas.. time has dulled them.

For example.. a few weeks ago Bond took me on a frightening motorcycle ride. I was seriously afraid for my life. The next day my entire body was sore because I was squeezing him so tight. I think Bond only suffered a few cracked ribs from my death grip.
He took us on the interstate on the way home from our movie ... at 11pm ... and it was. so. dark. As we sped home through the black, lines and lines of blog went through my head. I knew exactly what to write. Clearly, my sub-conscious knew I would survive the excursion, even if my consciousness was sure it would be the last night of my life. Or maybe thinking of blog lines was easier than thinking about my death.
So anyway.. I had a whole blog written up in my head. But I got busy and time erased it.

It doesn't help when babies get sick either. Newbie.. did you know her hair stands up in a Mohawk after a swim? I kind of want to call her Moe now ..has been sick the last week. She hasn't been her smiley self and I hardly have time to go potty, much less pound out a decent write-up of some weird event in our lives.

Do you like my lame excuses for not blogging?

For a family update:
Sunshine is excited about homeschooling this fall. Much of my time recently has been spent hashing over curriculum. I'm not sure how some of these blogging homeschooling moms do it!
Tank is still potty training. 'Nuff said.
Newbie is getting well and has begun to push a second tooth through. The next installment of So Long Gummy Smile should be coming up soon... and soon may be next year. For the record... Because anytime I say "tomorrow" it ends up being another month or more before I write anything at all.

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