Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disorganized is My Middle Name

So I'm totally not the most organized person on the planet. I think organized people are amazing freaks of nature. And I often wish I was one of those freaks.

My disorganization speaks in every aspect of my life. In fact, the only routine I've had and kept for any amount of time is my shower routine:

Shampoo hair
Rinse hair
Condition hair
Comb hair
Turn up hot water
Brush teeth
Rinse mouth
Turn up hot water
Scrub face
Rinse face
Soap face
Rinse face
Turn up hot water
Scrub with soap
Rinse soap off
Turn up hot water
Rinse hair
Stand till all the hot water is gone

I really have to go in the right order, or I'll end up forgetting something. Is that psycho?

I guess I have a make-up routine too:

Eye shadow
Eye liner
Lip gloss/lipstick

So I have routines in getting ready for the day, which is funny because I have to fight tooth and nail to get a shower in during the day most of the time. Or I have to time my waking magically between Newbie's early-morning feeding and Sunshine's and Tank's wake-up, which of course changes every day, and some days that time doesn't even exist.
The one routine I have is tossed out of the realm of "organized" simply because I can't do it at the same time every day.

I guess there is another routine I've managed to manage. :)

Sunshine and Tank take a nap (most days).. and I usually put them down between 1:30pm and 2pm. I send Sunshine to the potty, and Tank and I go upstairs and I pray with him and he goes down well. And by the time I get back downstairs, Sunshine is ready to go down.. of course now that Newbie is involved.. and her nap time isn't perfectly regulated yet.. that kinda throws that routine for a loop many days...


My biggest problem lately with my organization-challenge-ment is dinner.
You see, Bond gets home from a long day at work and expects to eat something. (He asks so much! sarcasm) There have been a few successful weeks where I've made a menu for the week and cooked all week long.. and then there are weeks that I make a menu and it gets thrown out because we end up having plans all week.. and then there are weeks - most weeks - that I don't make a menu and I scramble to put something together, only to end up running to Taco Bell or Wendy's because it would just take too long to fix something at home. It's expensive and a waste of money and time and food.
I'm curious to know how many others are out there. People like me. Who don't like to cook only because it's too hard to plan the menu, shop for the right ingredients, and follow through with the meals - oh.. and dishes. Clean-up's a pain too.

Oh and I've tried the FlyLady stuff and other menu-planning things. I guess disorganized will just have to be part of my description for awhile longer. Maybe once the kids figure out how to sleep until 9am.. maybe then I can call myself organized....

Dream on, right?

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