Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Model Material

So, tomorrow came like, a week late. I do have another job you know. ;) BUT - Without further ado, HEEEeeeeeeerrrrrrrrre's Tank!!!

He saw me snapping away at Sunshine and totally wanted in on the action. He ran around the couch, stood up straight against it, and promptly said "Cheese!"

*Snap snap!* *Snap!*

Nice smile kid!

Ah... and the posing begins. Now give me a little tongue. Something cute...

No no.. no. That's too much. A little less tongue.

Okay uhm. Better! Yes.. definitely better. Let's uh... let's get away from the tongue thing now.

OH YEAH! THERE we go! Now you got it kid!! Gimme more of that!! Now you're workin' it!!

Hey, Kid... Kid???

I see. You're distracted. Fine.. fine. Watch Thomas. What do I care, anyway?

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