Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fish Face

So Sunshine has had a cough for 6 weeks or so now... he just finished his 2-week run of antibiotics this morning and the cough is still here. We're back on the nebulizer 3 times a day, and the morning and night sessions last FOR-E-VER. I thought I'd show you the many faces of Sunshine during the 20 minute time period he's stuck on the couch "being a fish."

Ah.. he's smiling! That's nice. Thanks for smiling, Dear!

Oh, okay... the TV has caught his attention. He's forgotten that mom has the camera.

Now he's playing with the steam type stuff that comes out of it.

You get that medicine steam, kid!! Catch it!

Uh oh. It's been too long.. we're getting tired of being a fish. We're whining and making other sounds that might earn some empathy. See that white stuff in there? That's foam. That's what happens when you put 2 medicines in there and then shake it around. It also means it's going to take longer to finish the treatment.

Tank looks on with concern...

.. but he's over it quickly. Thomas is WAAAAY more interesting.

And Sunshine turns his worried glance back toward Thomas.. still whimpering.

Before Tank noticed Sunshine in distress, he was posing for me. I'll post about that tomorrow.

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