Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reminiscing and Birthdays

I've been spending a lot of time going through old pictures the last few days.  I should be organizing them.  But I'm not.  I'm just having fun reminiscing.

This one was taken in May.  Newbie was seven months old.

These are from April.  She was 6 months old.
 Hello first tooth!


Sweet little hands going for sweet little feet.


Newbie doesn't have to wear her 'stickers' anymore.   No more clunky oxygen machine!

These are from April too, at Tank's 3rd birthday party.
Sunshine (looking over my shoulder): Who is that?
Me: It's you, silly!
Sunshine: Oh is that me when I was four?
Me: Yup!
(He does look young, doesn't he!)

Yay!  We blew out the candles!
Here's the awesome b-day cake.  Look!  Optimus is picking Tank's nose!

Here's one from Sunshine's 5th b-day in June.  He had a bunch of his buddies from preschool come and they played at the playground.
I got him a Spiderman Ice-cream cake.

For an outdoor party.
In the afternoon.
It was like, 90 degrees or something by the time the party started.
I'm smart.
It melted.

Since we're doing birthdays...  here's Newbie on her first birthday this month!

She got two cakes.  One was a round flower one that I didn't get a shot of.  The other was this one, made by her Auntie.
 Auntie also made Tank's transformer's cake.

Turning 1 is tough....

So that was fun, right?

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