Wednesday, October 27, 2010




Can it really have been so long?


Sooo.... (awkward pause)
Newbie walks now.

And she totally loves it, as you can see by the huge smile on her face!

I love how her hands are up in the air like that..

I don't love this...
 Okay, so Sunshine wanted in.. and Newbie is sitting sweetly on her Choo-Choo train.  I don't mind that..

It's this.

 Climbing up on her train..

 Standing up and posing for a picture...

 And then shaking the train back and forth trying to get it to move...
I don't like it.

Newbie is turning into a monster baby...


I know... how can I call that beautiful face a monster baby?

 At least the dog listens...
 And does her very best to protect my daredevil daughter...

See what you've missed?

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Mama of Angels said...

I have the world's cutest niece!!!