Friday, May 28, 2010

So Long, Gummy Smile - Part 3

As life would have it, I haven't had much time to blog lately. What with Newbie's new crawling gig, Sunshine's completion of pre-school, and Tank's continued refusal to use the potty... I'm surprised I have time to sleep!!!


Oh wait...

Anyway. :) I once wrote a blog entry called "So Long, Gummy Smile - Part 1". This was like, March. I still need to write Part Deux.. you know, the one that usually comes after Part 1 and before Part 3.. but like I said.. haven't had the time.

I still don't. But. Then I discovered THIS...

.. no no.. THIS..

Dang! Missed it! HERE!

Do you see it? Look closer!!

The beginning of tooth number FOUR! And it's a top tooth!!!

*whew!* That was hard!  She did NOT want to give that one up! And it's still barely visible.. sorry.

I discovered it during a recent (say, 5 minutes ago) game of hold-me-upside-down-and-make-me-smile-because-I'm-not-much-of-a-laugher.. so I just had to make time for Part 3.

I have taken pictures that will be used in "So Long, Gummy Smile - Part Deux."  I just haven't had time to edit and upload them.  But with Topper here coming in.. I just HAD to post SOMETHING!!!

So there!!  Part Deux to come... someday. :)

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