Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Dog Millie

"I shall call her Millie.. and she shall be mine and she shall be my Millie.." - adapted from Finding Nemo

Oh... how I love this dog. I didn't even know I could love a dog. But I love her and she is mine now.
She should probably be Bond's dog.. since he'll hunt with her this fall (yes, when I'm 9 months preggo, or maybe in labor, or.. maybe when there's a newborn in the house... I'm letting him do this.. I don't get it either.)
But I'm the one who trains with her during the day. I say "train"... we work with her. She's special. But she's a GOOD dog. And she's doing so well. I'm so proud of the progress she's made. Anyway... during our 15 minute training sessions.. she'll give me this look..

"Oh Mommy... please don't make me do this anymore! I don't want to learn any new tricks. Look, I'm sitting.. where you told me to sit. Good enough, right? Can we be done now?"

It's hilarious when she's learning something new.. and I laugh at her.. I don't think she appreciates it a whole lot.. but she's a dog.. not a cat.. so she forgives me.

I've learned a lot owning a dog. I'm going to share 2 things with you now that you may have never known about dogs...

1) They blink.. just like us.. and can end up blinking mid-capture!

The difference is that they look a lot cuter mid-blink than we do.

2) They can get camera-shy...

It's either that.. or she wasn't liking the flash.

Do you feel smarter now?

My Millie is a bird dog. She LOVES to run and fetch stuff. She didn't used to bring it back to us.. I think she might have been afraid we'd keep it.. or something. But she's since learned to bring it right to our hands (a good thing for a bird dog to know) and immediately set herself up for another run.

My favorite thing about her return run...

is the way her ears flop up and down. Those cute, adorable, fluffy ears!

Flip, flop...

Flip, flop!! I LOVE her ears! :) That's where I pet her too. She plops her little face on my leg and I sit there and rub her ears. She loves it. It's her heaven. And mine too, I think!

How can you not love that face?

Can you see the dirt and foamy slobber?

Take a break, Mills!

'Cause you know what Dawg??

You deserve it!

My sweet, sweet, adorable puppy!

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